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Mechanical Jaw Puller

Mechanical Jaw Puller

For safer and faster pulling, we are offering to our customers Mechanical Jaw Puller. Our Mechanical Jaw Puller is made from high-grade materials that offer it high bearing capacity and long lasting performance. Our Mechanical Jaw Puller is used for the pulling of the bearings, couplings, gears, and pulleys without damaging the jaws slip, tip of jaws, and spindle thread. We offer the Mechanical Jaw Puller at a competitive price range.


An Attempt Should always be made to dismount any machine element including bearings, pulleys, couplings and gears without damaging them, especially where the intention is to remount them.

Most of the pullers available today have serious limitations i9nce the jaws slip, tip of jaws bend/break, threads of spindle gets damaged. Pull Right extractors overcome all these limitations of Conventional Pullers.

The major advantages of these pullers are :

  • The two / three jaws slide backward / forward on precision ground tee section. The jaws are coplanar over the entire width thus ensuring full Grip over the machine element requiring extraction.l
  • There is a facility of locking puller jaws to avoid any slippage while extracting machine elements like bearings, pulleys, couplings etc.
  • All parts are made from high-grade alloy steel, toughened to 25-30Rc and precision ground to maintain parallelism of jaws. Spindle is of EN 24 and Nitrided. This ensures high Load Carrying Capacity and also gives long life to the puller.
  • There is a rotating center to reduce damage to shaft. A specially designed tommy is provided to apply extra torque required to remove jammed pulleys / couplings. A gunmetal ring has also been provided to eliminate damage to spindle.


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