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JIB Cranes

JIB Cranes

JIB Cranes assist the staff and multiply human efforts, handling loads up to 5000 kg precisely and effortlessly. Jib cr4anes are useful especially for laoding or unloadin of workpiece on machine tools. These are also useful for loading or unloading of trucks. They can alos become an inseparable part of a standalone workstation and machine assembly area.

  • Column mounted jib cranes are necessary when no other appropriate support near a workstation is available.
  • Wall mounted jib cranes are ideal solutions for workstations located near walls or vertical structures.
  • Masko Tech designs and manufactures such jib cranes to suit specific client requirements.
  • MaskoTech electric wire rope hoists or chain hoists do the lifting and moving duty on these jib cranes.

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